We got a 1am phone call last night (or this morning) from my sister-in-law. My wife’s parents were travelling in Europe, and taking a couple cruises over there. Apparently on one of the cruise ships, the railing on the gangway broke, and my mother-in-law fell 8 feet landing on concrete. She broke her hip. Another woman also fell, and broke her leg. She ended up going in for surgery in Rotterdam, or Amsterdam. She will need to recover for a week to 10 days, then they will fly back to the US and to home. They were less than a week into their month long vacation. The rest of their trip is scrubbed. It sounds like the the cruise company, or the travel group is taking care of them for now. They are probably worried about being sued. But with the travel insurance they are covered anyway. Accidents happen! If you are spending the kind of money that many vacations cost, you really need travel insurance! And beyond the lost money of a blown vacation, what if you need to be flown to an emergency room or something like that?
Now we are waiting to hear back from my father-in-law. Hopefully my mother-in-law recovers quickly and fully.