Our plan was to spend the day with my brother and his family. He had suggested several things, one of them being the Woodland Park Zoo. I don’t remember having ever been to this zoo, but he swears we had gone there when we were kids. I am not a big zoo person, but I was open to whatever.
We parked, paid our admittance fee of $15 each, and started the tour of the park. We started in the African Savanna section where we saw giraffes, Hippos, Monkeys and Zebras. We interacted with a couple different park employees, and found them very friendly and helpful.
Then we made our way through the Tropical Asia section. Here we saw Elephants, more Monkeys, Orangutans.
Then we made our way through the Australasia area. Here they had Snow Leopards, Wallabies, and Emus.
Our next visit was to the Northern Trail area. Here we saw Bears, Otters, Artic Foxes, Elk, and a couple Bald Eagles. They list Wolves on the map, but I don’t remember seeing them.
We spent a few minutes where there was a lady showing off various hawks, owls, vutures, etc.
We continued on to the Butterflies & Blooms display. This was a large greenhouse filled with flowers and a bunch of different kinds of butterflies.
We did a side trip and saw some Asian bears (Sloth Bears), and a tiger. Then we went through the Day and Night exhibits. Here we saw various types of snakes, turtles, lizards, etc. The night part was dark, and we saw various nocturnal creatures including bats, and a two toed sloth.
The next area we visited was the Tropical Rain Forest. We saw a couple different kinds of Gorillas, a jaguar. There were supposed to be some monkeys, but we never saw any in the display. Maybe they were hiding.
We were starting to get tired as we had already been here for hours. We visited the Temperate Forest area, but went through this area faster than the others. We did see various birds including cranes, and also a couple red pandas. We didn’t spend much time looking as the goats, cows, and chickens.
It was a fund day. We definitely got our $15 worth.