Today I drove from Rochester, NY to Akron, OH. MapQuest said it would take just under 5 hours. I usually drive quicker than they predict, but take quick stops along the way, so the predictions are usually pretty close. Not this time!
I left about 11am. I was hungry, and it was lunch time. I stopped in at rest area, went to the bathroom. The line at the McDonalds was long slow, and the prices for a value meal were JACKED UP about $2 above what you would find at a regular McDonalds. They used to price their food more reasonably at these places, but they have gotten pretty bad. I skipped the McDonalds, and decided to wait until McDonalds. I wasn’t that far away from PA.
I was making pretty good time until I approached the toll booths at the NY state line going into Pennsylvania. I hit stop and go traffic a mile from the toll booths. It took me over 20 minutes to get to where I could reach the empty Easy Pass lane. The Easy Pass lanes are often nice…BUT When you are stuck in traffic like this way back, you don’t know where the Easy Pass lane is. So you don’t know whether to get to the left, or to the right. And it sometimes doesn’t save you a lot of time, relative to the long wait just to reach them.
Now I am getting a little grumpy after this long wait, and no food! I decided to hit a Dairy Queen I remembered, but it didn’t seem to be where I remembered it. Maybe it closed. I went through a Burger King.
I got back on the road. My drive through PA was okay. As I crossed into Ohio, it started snowing. Traffic slowed down. But the plows were out so the roads weren’t TOO bad as long as you slowed down. I passed someone, and had no one in front of me. I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a full-sized pickup a few cars back spinning 360’s. I don’t know if he hit anyone.
After a bit, traffic started to be stop and start again. I had just passed an exit that would have taken me south. The GPS didn’t show anymore exits for many miles! Crap! So I was stuck in this stop and go traffic for about another 20 minutes or more. It turned out to be a jack-knifed double semi-trailer truck.
I hit a couple more stop and go traffic areas, but finally arrived and my hotel. Basically, the drive sucked, and I was looking forward to soaking in the hotel hot tub.