I needed a hotel in Louisville in August. I didn’t particularly care which hotel I stayed in, I just needed to stay downtown near 4th street. I searched various travel sites, and found the hotels were kind of expensive. I found a website that had winning Priceline bids for various citys. But I found these bids not very useful, since it depends when you will staying in each city. And many of the bids I found for Louisville were not the weekend I would be staying there. But I did find a tip on how to win Priceline bids.
I will be there on the weekend of the Ironman Triathlon, so I am guessing they will have no shortage of guests. So I didn’t count on getting a hotel for those cheap prices. But I had to try.
I checked out Priceline, and found that the only 3.5-4 star hotels were in the downtown area. So I tried bidding $70 for a 3.5+ star hotel. My bid was not accepted. No problem. I would either have to wait til the next day to up my bid, or modify my requirements. Since I knew there were no 3.5+ star hotels in any other area of Louisville than downtown, I added another area, and upped my bid by $5. Again I was turned down. I added another area, and upped my bid again by $5. My bids were repeatedly no accepted. I used up all my bids.
The next day I tried again. I started at $90. Each time my bids were not accepted, I would add another area of the city. As I said, I knew that I would not get a hotel in another part of the city, since there were no 3.5+ star hotels anywhere but downtown. I finally bid $105, and my bid was accepted. I got a room at the Hyatt Regency for $105/night plus taxes and fees. It came to $374 for 3 nights.
So try this trick next time you go to use Priceline. Just be sure there are no hotels of the star rating you want in the areas that you add, to get the extra bids.