Whenever we fly to Las Vegas, we spend most of our time out in Pahrump where my dad lives. We always visit the Pahrump Valley Winery, and buy a case of wine. We have looked at having the wine shipped, but the costs are prohibitive. So we buy the wine there, and bring it back as carry on luggage. But with the new rules banning liquids in carry on luggage, this is not possible. Will the new rules stay around, or be softened after while? I am guessing they are here to stay, though they may start allowing things like toothpaste, or ointments. But I am guess the days of bringing a case of wine onto the plane as carry-on luggage are over. I supposed we could always check the wine as checked luggage. But I am a little leery of this. Who know if the wine will show up at the final destination intact, or even show up at all? If I can’t bring the wine with me back to New York, I probably wont be buying the wine in Pahrump, NY. We probably also won’t be bring bottles of rum back from the Caribbean. It just wont be worth the hassles. Maybe just batter to buy it here for the higher price, than mess with the new security rules!