From everything I have heard, the French are rude. I have had people tell me that isn’t true, but a small article in Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel (November 2005, page 41) confirms it.
The article describes French waiters as being rude and aloof. It describes how they might ignore you for hours. They apparently don’t like it if you try to get their attention by waving, but they might come over if you look at your empty table with dispair, as well as look young and attractive. It mentions how a family was told to leave a restaurant for ordering Coke with their duck stew. The article suggests ordering beer or wine.
I am not young, and probably wouldn’t be considered attractive by a bunch of snotty French waiters. I don’t drink beer or wine. I don’t like them. And if the French are going to be snot nosed, and kick me out for not drinking alcohol, then the cheese eating surrender monkeys can kiss my American a**! I would like visit Europe at some point, but plan to skip over France.