Q: When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?

A: Many people worry about when not to travel to the Caribbean. They worry about hurricanes. I have been in the Caribbean on a cruise ship when there was a hurricane swirling around down there. The cruise ship just stayed out of it’s way. The cruise ships have advanced communications and weather equipment. They know where the hurricane is. The weather on the ship was a little rainy, and the ship rocked a little more, but that was about it. The biggest problem was when we arrived in port in San Juan. They were rushing to get people off the island before the hurricane shut down the airport. We got out okay, but some people got stuck there. It was really no big deal.
It you are going to staying on an island then you may want to be more concerned. If you are on a cruise ship, the cruise ship will just re-route. You may miss and island, or do islands in a different order. They may even substitute a different island than what what was in the original itinerary.

That being said, hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th. It not only affects Caribbean islands but the coasts of Florida and Texas.

Thats the answer to your question of when is hurricane season in the Caribbean.