Wondering what to pack for a cruise? When going on a cruise, packing can be a slightly stressful but fun chore. You might be worrying about remembering everything? If you forget something, chances are you can buy it on the ship. The cruise lines are more then happy to sell you those little things you forgot…for an inflated price of course. That disposable underwater camera that you could buy on sale at home, might cost you up to three times that price on the ship, or in port. So well ahead of the cruise, I prepare a list of things I want to bring. The list can be modified and reused for the next cruise. Then as I am packing things into the suitcases, I place a little checkmark on the list to show I packed that particular item.

The following is part of my own list. It is by no means complete, or will it work for everyone. Copy and paste the list into an editor, and tweak it to fit your own needs.

Cruise and airline tickets
Passports or driver’s licenses and birth certificates
Film if bringing film camera
Memory cards if bringing digital camera
Underwater disposable cameras
Guide books for places you are visiting
Reading material
Mp3 player loaded with favorite music
Contact info for friends and family
FRS radios to keep in touch with family on ship
Batteries for electronic devices (correct sizes)
Athletic bag for carrying snorkel equipment, towels, etc etc. (double as carry-on bag)
Power strip (staterooms often only have one outlet)
Pin number for credit card cash

Toiletries: (most of this should be packed in carry-on luggage)
Prescription drugs (ALWAYS pack in carry on luggage)
Shaving cream
Spare contacts and glasses (ALWAYS pack in carry on luggage)
Contact solution, and case
Sewing kit (for loose buttons, seams, etc)
Suntan lotion or sunblock
Aloe vera gel
Deodorant soap
Motion sickness pills

Suit or dress
Dress shirt(s) or blouse
Dress socks or stockings
Dress shoes
White shirts
Casual pants
Casual shoes
Casual shirts
Socks (tube or ankle high)
T-shirts and tank tops
Fanny packs

2 12packs soft drinks (wrapped in plastic bags)
(I do this, because I drink a lot of pop, and it is nice to have some cold pop’s available in the cabin. Just keep a couple of cans in the ice bucket with ice. At the end of the cruise, you have the space and weight available for souvenirs.

Seal stuff that might leak inside plastic bags (ie shampoo, toothpaste…)