Our last visit the Vermont Teddy Bear factory for about 12 years ago. We enjoy the factory tour very much. The guy doing the tour was having fun, using lots of really bad puns (Bear footed, bear chested, right to bear arms, etc). He knew the puns were but he had fun, and we had fun. In fact we probably enjoyed that factory tour more than any other we have done.
Today we were back in Shelburne, Vermont, and were looking forward to doing the tour again. We arrived just before 9am. The parking lot didn’t have many cars. We made our way to enter. They had just opened. We had a coupon for a free factory tour (look for the card advertising the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory on the racks of tour brochures found in many restaurants and like places). The tour started at 9:30am. As we walked around the store, there were few other customers around. When the tour started, we found we were the only people on it. The girl gave the tour. The shop was not currently running as it had been 12 years ago. The girl was informative, but nowhere as entertaining as the guy 12 years ago. If our first tour of the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory had been like this, we probably wouldn’t have been so eager to come back. I guess it comes down to who is doing the tour. Still, if you are in the area, you might to give the tour a try. Even if you don’t find the free tour coupon on the card, it still only cost a couple bucks. And you get a free "button bear" (a piece of bear fur cut in the shape of a bear).
The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is located on Route 7, just south of the town of Shelburne, VT.