When it comes to vacation pictures, you can’t take too many! With all the new digital cameras available, and the rapidly dropping cost of memory cards, it costs almost nothing to take hundreds or even thousands of of photographs while on vacation. I haven’t had any regrets over vacation pictures I have taken, but I have had regrets over pictures that I haven’t taken, or have turned out to be blurred. Following our last cruise, I wish I had taken pictures of the menus. I wish I have taken pictures of the guards in Panama. I wish I had taken more pictures of the whole trip. The pictures each capture a little bit of the whole experience. An individual picture might not be special, but when grouped with other pictures help to show the environment. Try to capture the sights and sounds of your travel! Also with these new digital cameras, you can take video as well.
You probably don’t want to print all of the pictures, but they can be put together into a slide show. With software such as Sony Vegas Movie Studio DVD, all of these photos can be put together into a slide show with music, and effects to capture the excitement of your vacation. An excellent example of what can be done with vacation pictures can be seen in the Islands Of Liberty video made by Jason AKA Gatorclaw. He has combined his vacation pictures and video, along with music, and just a little bit of effects to make the video slide show interesting. If watching what he has done in his videos doesn’t inspire you to take more pictures, nothing will!