While traveling, I love to go book hunting. I have a blast scouting used book stores. Today we had no plans, so we decided to go book hunting some of the nearby towns.
Our first stop was to a little book store in Port Gamble name Dauntless Books. The majority of the books inside were paperbacks and softcovers. I found no martial arts books. There was a single boxing book. The handful of hardcover fiction books I looked at were priced about $9-$10, and many of these were later printing, very common books that can be found elsewhere for a buck or less.
Next we headed to Silverdale. The Kitsap library was having a book sale. Hardcovers were 50 cents, large softcovers were 50 cents, and paperbacks for 25 cents. I didn’t find an martial arts books here, but I bought a hardcover Bill Pronzini book.
I found another bookstore listed in Silverdale named Pages Books. We found the address, but it is not longer a book store.
We headed off to Bremerton. I found listings for two used book stores on N Callow Ave in the same block (Mustard Seed Books and Rush’s Ye Old Paperbacks). So we headed there. Neither of the book stores is there anymore. So we headed off to find Books Etc. This turned out to be a small booth in a small antique shop. There wasn’t much to be found here.
Done with Bremerton, we headed off to Bainbridge Island. I had listings for three used bookstores here. We went to Eagle Harbor Book Company first. My wife found it listed in a pamphlet of stuff to do in Bainbridge Island. It was easy to find. But when I went inside it looked like it was filled with new books. A closer look revealed that some books had a label on the spine saying used. I would guess that less than 5% of the books in the store were used. So if you were looking for a used bookstore like I was, Eagle Harbor Books will be a waste of time.
Well there were two more used book stores that I found listed for Bainbridge Island. Barbarossa Books and Fortner Books. As we approached both addresses, we found ourselves on rural roads with no signs for a bookstore. Actually we didn’t make it all the way to Fortner Books as there was this tiny little private looking road that lead up a hill. But there was no sign that there was an open bookstore up there. Maybe these are online bookstores only, or bookstores that require appointments or something. We skipped them.
Basically, my bookscouting expedition around this side of the Puget Sound was not productive at all.