Yesterday we flew home to Rochester from Seattle via Philadelphia. It was a red-eye flight and maybe we were a bit cranky from lack of sleep. Our flight from Seattle was delayed by about an hour. Our layover in Philadelhia was reduced to an hour…or so we thought. The flight was scheduled to depart at 9:20am. We are sitting, waiting expecting the boarding to begin about 30 minutes before departure. When I looked back at the board, it now said 9:40. At some point they had changed it. A monitor now showed it as 9:40 and I think it said delayed. *grumble*. Then a little while later I looked up and saw the board and the screen now said 10:00. And a little bit after that, the screen was updated to say 10:10am, but now said ontime. Ontime? ONTIME? It was now expected to depart 50 minutes AFTER the scheduled time, so how it that ontime? They never updated the board by the gate.
Now at some point they mentioned the plane was enroute from Allentown I think. Since the plane plane was ultimately destined to arrive at about 10:00, what were they thinking when they posted that it would depart at 9:40? Obviously the plane was no where near making it to Phili in time to unload and reload the plane fast enough to make the 9:40 departure. So were they lying to us, so that we wouldn’t get upset? Mayeb they thought we would get more upset if they changed it from 9:20 straight to 10:10? Or are they incompetent? Maybe they thought the little turbo prop plane could hit supersonic speeds and get there really fast?
It has been over a day now, and I am obviously still ticked off about it!!! I sat and thought about it, and I couldn’t remember that last time I flew and the plane actually left ontime, or even close.