We debated about whether to drive from Shelburne, VT all the way to Bar Harbor, ME. It was doable, but we would have spent the day on freeways, and not had time for stops. It would have given us three days in Bar Harbor. We decided instead to stop in the middle, and take our time on the drive taking smaller slower back roads. There were many places that we could have stayed, but I decided that the Twin Mountain KOA in New Hampshire would be good. It had a cabins (Kabins) available. And since the weather was turning miserable (rainy and cold), we thought staying in a cabin would be preferable to sleeping in a tent.
We arrived in Twin Mountain, NH, and easily found the KOA using directions on a brochure that we had found.
According to the brochure they only have a small number of cabins, and with the rain, I was hoping they would have one available. Fortunately they did. I was hoping for one close enough to the office so that I would have access to the wifi from the cabin. They put us in the cabin closest to the office, and I have a great connection.
What I like about the KOA campgrounds is that they are clean, and have lots of amenities. They cost a little more, but you are getting more for your money.
The people in the office were very friendly. They were also very helpful when we were trying to find an open restaurant on a Sunday evening, and even called the restaurant for us to verify they were open.
The cabin was nice and clean, and included heat which was nice since it had really gotten chilly. It had a full sized bed, and three twin sized bunks. All four had mattresses.
If you are in the area and are looking for a nice campground, I don’t think you could do much better than this one.