After 9/11, the security was raised dramatically. Now they seem to be hand inspecting most luggage. If you had a lock on you bag, they would simply cut it off. It was just brought to my attention that they sell TSA accepted locks that you can use on your checked luggage without fear of them being cut off. These TSA approved locks can be unlocked by a special key that the bag checker’s have. So now you can lock your luggage so that the people who need to have access, have it, and the people who shouldn’t have access, don’t have it. The locks I have seen seem to be all combination locks. I am not sure if someone makes a regular keyed lock that also takes the TSA key. I am not sure if the locks allow you to change the combination. I know it would be handy to have all of the locks that my wife and I use have the same combination. I saw some for sale in an airport store, but I didn’t need them at that moment, and didn’t want to pay what most likely would have been an inflated price. I will check some local stores.