I saw one of Travelocity’s commercials this morning, and thought of writing about my experiences with them. I was using Travelocity relatively early in their existence, and used them for several years after that.
One thing I never liked about their website was that after entering various information such as origin, destination, departure date, return date, etc, etc, it would show you flights that matched your criteria. I would pick the one with the best times for our needs, and drill down into system to where you choose seats. I would get down here, and it might tell me there are no seats available. But instead of just being able to choose a different flight from the list, you have to go back to the very beginning, and start over. And you can’t just hit BACK on your browser. I did this once, and Travelocity let me do it. I completed the whole selection, and everything, but never got a confirmation. After a while I called them, and was told that was because I had hit the BACK button, that it didn’t register my booking. I had to go back and do it all again. Another time, I was trying to book flights a few months away. I kept entering all the info, getting down to choosing the seats, and being told there were no seats available. Then I would have to go back to the beginning again. After about the fourth time, I found a flight with seats. I booked the whole trip. But when I got the confirmation email, I saw that on the last time of going back to the beginning, I had forgotten, to move the month selector to thre months ahead. I had book the flights for the CURRENT month. In having to eneter all of the information over and over again, I had screwed up on the last time. I hadn’t noticed it when I double checked everything, because the dates had fallen on the same week days. I called Travelocity about 5-10 minutes after having booked the flights, and cancelled the flights. Fortunatly they were able to locate the tickets before they went out, or I would have had to pay $100 per ticket to cancel/change them. I did manage to succesfully book the flight. And I have seen flight prices go up during the process of going back to the beginning after finding a flight I chose had no seats available.
Then one day when I was trying to book a flight through travelocity, I kept getting errors from Travelocity’s site. This booking was an emergency so I needed to book it at that time, and couldn’t wait until another day. I went to Orbitz, and was able to easily book the flight. No errors, and I think the tickets were actually the same price, if not a little cheaper. I have played a little with Travelocity since then, but have found the prices are the same or cheaper on Orbitz. And I have never had any problems with Orbitz site. It has never shown me flights for which there are no seats are available. It has never made me go all the way back to the beginning, and made me re-enter all the flight information over and over. I never use Travelocity anymore. I do like thier gnome commericals though. Orbitz doesn’t have any funny gnome commercials, but they have a website that is user friendly, and actually works. I guess I’ll have to take the working website over the gnome.