I used to be an avid user of Travelocity. I still have an account there, but I usually use Orbitz these days. My experience today is reminder of why!
I got an email from Travelocity this morning. A “Travelocity FareWatcher Alert”. It showed roundtrip air fares from ROchester, to Seattle for $203! Wow! We are planning to go back to Seattle this summer!
First I tried to log in to my account on Travelocity. It has been a long time. I didn’t remember my log in name, but fortunately I managed to get it emailed to me. I logged in and went to “My Stuff”. The FareWatcher stuff was in the upper right hand corner. And there it is! The $203 price for Seattle. I call my wife and ask her when she wants to go to Seattle. She gives me some dates.
So I click the $203 listing, and it asks me how many people. I set it for 2 adults. I click “Check Availablity”. I clicked United Airlines, and it showed me a block of dates to choose for departure (May 21-June 20). I clicked a Saturday which was displayed in blue (blue is “Fare offered” according to the key), and it tells me that that date, and a several around it are unavailable and it greys them out. It tells me “Select a different departure date”. So I click Tuesday which was still in blue. It then greys that out, and several around it. Look guys! If those dates are not available, DON’T SHOW THEM TO ME!!!!!!
I am going back to Orbitz!