I have been watching for cheaper air fares to Las Vegas in December. Today I got an email from Travelocity. It was one of their Farewatcher things that I had signed up for a while back. I have pretty much stopped using Travelocity because their site is extremely user-unfriendly. But the email subject read Rochester to Las Vegas from $198+ RT. That is a great price! I clicked the link and it opened a window. There were various airlines listed. The first one was Northwest and it showed the price as $197.40+. The next one was American Airlines for which the price was $227.40. I personally don’t care that much what airline. I want the cheapest price. So I clicked Northwest to check out the $197.40+ price. It showed a calendar. I clicked December 2nd. After it spent some time processing, it grayed out December 2nd. As well as December 1st and a couple other dates.
Well if these weren’t available, why did it show them to me in the first frigging place? I clicked December 3rd. Now it would let me choose a return date. SO I chose December 11th. I gave me a single itinerary going to Vegas. Then it displayed a single itinerary back from Vegas. So I chose that. Now it displayed the price. $287. $287???? What happened to the $197 price? Geez, I can get the $287 price from Orbitz with a lot less hassle, and it will give me a lot more latitude in choose different flights and airlines.
This just reminded me why I stopped using Travelocity. Pretty much every other travel site I have used has been easier to use, and has given as good or better prices.