Do you need travel insurance/trip insurance? How much did you pay for your vacation? If you have only invested in a couple airline tickets, then you probably don’t need the travel insurance. If you have already spent thousands of dollars towards a vacation, then you probably should have travel insurance.
What if something happens to you just before you are supposed to leave? What if you get into a car accident, and are unable to travel? What if a family member gets sick or dies? If one of your parent’s or spouse’s parents becomes ill, or passes away days before your expensive cruise, are you just going to go on the cruise anyway? Probably not. The travel insurance will help you from eating those thousand dollar crise tickets.
What if you have a medical emergency while on your trip? Travel insurance may help pay to get you to medical help. Helicopters aren’t cheap.
What if the cruise ship sinks, cruise line goes out of business, plane crashes, or everybody on the ship gets sick? What if there is a terrorist incident, and you can’t make it to the ship?
What if it is something as simple as your flight is cancelled, and by the time you get to the port, your ship has sailed?
Travel insurance may help you in cases like these and many others. You will need to talk to your travel agent for more details on what a particular plan does and does not cover.