We left home a few days ago. On one of our stops, I was coming out to my car, and noticed a bald spot on one of the front tires. I looked closer. Ouch! I knew my tires were kind of worn out, and was planning on getting them replaced sometime after our trip. But I had no idea they were this bad. The first couple days of our trip had a lot of rain. And driving on the worn tires was making me a little nervous. I debated about getting new tires during our trip, or waiting until we got home. I searched for the nearest BJ’s Wholesale Club (where I got my last tires), and found there were a few in New Hampshire, but all in the southern part of the state, way out of our way. There was one in Portland, Maine, that wasn’t too far out of out way. I discussed it with my wife, and we decided to go to Portland and have the tires done on our way to Acadia.
My GPS wasn’t loaded with detail maps for that area, so I went to mapquest, and drew a simple map of where to find the BJ’s. I set the GPS for Portland, and we go on our way.
Using the GPS and the hand-drawn map, we found the BJ’s about 9:30am. Fortunatly they weren’t busy, and got us right in. They quickly changed the tires. I also had them do an alignment. They got most of the alignment done, but one of the rear wheel adjuster bolts was frozen solid, and will need to be torched off. They suggested I wait till I got home.
While they were working on my car, I ran into the store, and bought some new Levi jeans. BJ’s has great prices on them when I can find my size. We were about 30 miles away before I realized that I left the jeans in the tire service waiting room. The receipt was with them. I am hoping they just return them for me, and refund my money. Bummer! Though we might be passing by there again in a few days on our way to Gloucester.