I brought my laptop with me on our anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. One of the first things I did when I got to the hotel was to set up my laptop computer, and turn it on. My computer detected two wi-fi connections. The first was from the Marriott hotel we were staying at, and the second was displayed as Free Public WiFi. I first tried the hotel connection. I connected right away, and got a page asking for a pin #. I called the front desk, and found they charged $20 a day for internet access. I told them I would think about it. (I lied). I tried connecting to the Free Public WiFi, and successfully connected. But every time I tried to connected to a web page, I get a message saying server not found. I tried a couple more times over the next day. I finally gave up trying, and resigned myself to being without internet access until we get home. I will only be without it for a few days. I had planned to upload posts to my blogs while on our trip, but typed them all into a Word document instead. I will upload them when I get home.
If I had planned ahead, I could have gotten a list of free WiFi spots around Niagara Falls before we left home. I have done that on some other trips. I have seen these cool little electronic devices that detect WiFi hotspots. I almost bought one back in November. Maybe when we get home tomorrow, I will look into getting one of them. They probably wont tell me if the WiFi location is free, but if I find one, I can also always boot up my laptop computer and see. I am guessing there is also some software that I can load onto my laptop to look for WiFi spots as I drive around. I will look into something like that too when I get home tomorrow.