I have been living here now for about twelve years and am familiar with many of the things to do in Rochester, NY. When we get visitors from out of state, we try to take them out to experience some of the things unique to Rochester. Here is my list of things to do in Rochester, NY:

George Eastman House is located at 900 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. It is a large mansion that you can tour. It also contains a photography collection of over 400,000 images.

Susan B Anthony House was the private home of Susan B. Anthony and is located at 17 Madison St, Rochester, NY.

Mt Hope Cemetery is a large and very old cemetery. Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Edward Bausch and other important people are buried here.

You gotta try a “Garbage Plate” (aka Dumpster/Refuge/Trash, etc Plates). These are available in many place with names usually ending in Hots, such as Perinton Hots, Penfield Hots, Fairport Hots, etc. They typically consist of a grilled burger patties with cheese, macaroni salad, and home fries topped with onions, mustard, and or hot sauce.

Bill Grays/Tom Wahls are a couple local restaurant chains. They both sell a type of cheeseburger that seems to be unique to the area.

The Erie Canal goes right through Rochester. There are many parks along it where you see it up close.

Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes, and is just north of Rochester. There are some parks along the lake including Ontario Beach, Durand Eastman Park, and Webster Park.

Visit a Wegman’s grocery store. May not be as much of a shock as they used to be. When I first visited a Wegmans 15 years ago, I was overwhelmed. It was huge! Large grocery stores have popped up around the country, but Wegman’s are still pretty cool.

Try a Zweigel’s Red Hot hot dog. Zweigels is a local brand, and they make the best hot dog I have ever eaten.

There are plenty of other things to do in Rochester, NY. If you are looking for something to do in Rochester, NY that I don’t have listed, post here and I will try to give you some suggestions.