We had seen this place across the street from the Travel Lodge, and planned on walking across the street to eat there for dinner. That was before we found the Travel Lodge only had a few smoking rooms left, and we ended up staying elsewhere. Still, the sign said they had prime rib and lobster, etc.
After we found a place to stay, we headed off in search of food. We decided to try The Sirloin Saloon. The parking lot looked pretty full, and we thought there would be a long wait. It turned out there was only 10 minute wait. I think we got there as normal dinner time was winding down
The restaurant had sort of a western motif with lots of Indian stuff too. We were seated, and given menus. My wife looked at the specials, and they listed a teriyaki sirloin thing. I thought that order a teriyaki sirloin steak in a western style steak house might not be a great idea. But there regular menu said it was one of their specialties. I wanted a steak of some sort, and asked the waitress for a recommendation. She said the New York Strip was very good, They came with two sides. I chose the Garlic mashed potatoes, and the salad bar. The salad bar had a great selection of stuff. My only complaint there was the "house" (ranch) dressing was very thin. The garlic mashed potatoes were good. The New York Strip steak was kind of bland, and I almost asked for ketchup. My wifes teriyaki sirloin on the other hand tasted great! The prices were about normal for a steak house. The place was okay. I’d love to try some of the other area restaurants too though. There is undoubtedly some place better.