When my wife and I got married, we registered at REI for camping equipment. We asked for a couple backpacks, and a backpacking tent, and some other stuff for backpacking. We actually got a bunch of it, including a lightweight backpacking type tent. Amazingly, we have never gone backpacking. We did use the tent a lot. We would drive to a campground, pitch the tent stay for a day or three, and drive on. Being that the tent was designed for backpacking, it was pretty small.
These days we still do some tent camping, but now we have a larger heavier Coleman tent. We have a full sized inflatable air mattress with a battery powered pump. We have a couple cheap sleeping bags that zip together. We have a big Coleman 5 day cooler that we use to tote around food and pop. We usually leave that in the car. We have fun, and get to see a lot of stuff. Personally, I still hope to get off and do some backpacking in the future.