About six or eight years ago, my wife and I were visiting my father in Pahrump Nevada. We stayed there for a couple days, and then headed off towards Auburn California to visit an old friend of my wife’s family. I had brought my laptop with me, along with Delorme Street Atlas, and Delorme Map-N-Go. I used the program to find directions from Pahrump, to Auburn. I showed them to my dad, and he was curious about the route. He wasn’t aware of one of the road that Delorme had routed us on. He pulled out a paper map, and it showed the road as a dirt road. I told him that I doubted that Map-N-Go would route us on a dirt road.
Well, we got on our way in our economy rental car. As we neared the mystery road, I was coming into a little town, the speed limit dropped from 70 to 50 to 40 to 30, in a very short space. Next thing I know is I am getting pulled over by a cop. Great! A speed trap! The cop pointed out it was a construction zone, and a school zone, etc, etc. Fortunatly, the cop gave me a ticket for ONLY $65. After he gave me the ticket, I decided to ask him about the road. He looked at my map, and said he wouldn’t take that road unless he had a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I thanked him. When we got to where the road should be, we saw it was paved, and an 18 wheeler was coming out of it. We weren’t 100% positive this was the road, because I didn’t have a GPS yet. But going by distances from the last turn, it was in the right place. We decided to try it. The road was a good road, and it was paved. NOthing to worry about. We would be on the road for about 70 miles. About 10 miles in, the paved road, turned to a gravel road. But it was nice gravel road. It was wide, flat, and smooth, and seemed to be well maintained. Well…okay. We just would go a little slower. It would be better than backtracking, and going all the way around which would add about 3-4 hours to our drive. We decided to keep going. The road stayed nice for a while, but then a few potholes started appearing here and there. Not a big deal. Interestingly, we saw no other cars or even trucks at all. After a while, the road got narrower. We were starting to get a little nervous. The road became a little hillier. After a while, the road turned into a power line road, and we kep going. It was kind of funny that we saw little side roads connecting to the road we were on, and they had stop signs. Stop signs? Stop for what? There was nobody out here, and it’s not like you couldn’t see someone coming from a long ways away. As we were getting close to the other side, we passed some sort of a park, or scenic area. It was only then did we pass a couple cars coming the other direction. We then finally made it out the other side. It was an interesting adventure. Would I do again? Probably. But I would now have a GPS with me, so I would KNOW where we at.