Our visit to St Martin was in 1996 as a port of call on a Carnival seven day cruise. We chose to do a Carnival sponsored excursion to do some snorkling. There five of us, me, my wife, my borther, his wife, and their daughter. The boat took us to a place called shipwreck cove. We swam around looking at fish. The captain guy gave us a challenge to find a conch shell that was paint red inside. Due to ear problems, I am not supposed to be diving down. So I let the rest of the people look for conch in the deep water, and spent my time looking at fish, or checking out the occasional conch in shallower water. I think someone finally did bring up the specific conch shell, but only after the captain told the more precisely the location of the conch. I did keep one conch shell, and it sits on my desk even now. My brother somehow managed to swallow some ocean water and was feeling sick.
After the boat took us back to the pier, my brother went back to the ship as he was now feeling completely horrible. The rest of us went in to do some shopping and see the town. I don’t think we bought much. But my wife and I did buy a nice delftware Christmas ornament to remind us of St Martin. We saw lot of stuff celebrating Jimmy Buffett, so he must be popular there. My wife took a photo of me posing with a big fiberglass shark wearing sunglasses. It was a fun day, but I think it would have been more enjoyable if my brother hadn’t gotten sick.