When I travel, I take a lot of pictures. With a digital camera it is easy and inexpensive to do. On our last 8 day cruise I took hundreds of pictures, plus some digital video. One guy I am aquainted with Jason aka Gatorclaw, used Sony Vegas Movie Studio to put all of his pictures and video clips combined with music into a cool video. I want to do the same. So I ordered Sony Vegas Movie Studio.
All of the reviews I have read about Sony Vegas Movie Studio have been very good. They say it is solid, and easy to use. I have used Pinnacle Studio 9, but find it awkward. Some of the reviews mentioned this software and said they had the same experience. So I am expecting good things from Sony Vegas Movie Studio!
I will probably do something much more simple to start off with. Jason does a ton a special effects, and they are great. I might try a few of them. But I don’t want to be tied to my computer for months doing a video of an 8 day cruise. By the end, I would be sick of the thing, and never want to watch it. But the software will be fun to play with. And once I figure out how to do various tricks, it should hopefully be easy to repeat them in the future.
I think the formula for a fun video slide show would be to use good music that reflects the feel that you want. Probably Caribbean oriented music will be good. Party music, etc. Sequence the pictures to tell a story. Blend in just enough subtle special effects to keep the pictures from becoming static. Add some text to help narrate the story. For an outstanding example of what I am talking about, check out Jason’s latest video Islands Of Liberty.