The cruise lines have started to include snuba excursions. But what is snuba? Snuba combines snorkeling and scuba. When you snorkel, you are forced to stay near the surface. Not only to breathe, but also because of the natural buoyancy of the human body. Scuba diving requires that you have an air tank strapped to your back, as well as a regulator in you mouth, and weights around your waist. Due to the potential dangers of scuba, certifications are required.
But some people would like to do more than snorkeling around the surface, but don’t want to go through the time and costs to get the scuba certification. This where snuba comes in.
With snuba, you wear a mask and breathe through a hose that goes to a tank on the surface. You also wear a weight belt which makes you neutrally buoyant.
Snuba allows you to dive to 20-25 feet deep. It only requires 30 minutes or less of instruction. Children as young as eight can participate.
Snuba is great for people on vacation that want to explore the marine life without making the major commitment to get scuba certified. Snuba is also less expensive than scuba.
So next time you are on a cruise, and have an opportunity to try snuba, consider giving it a shot.