On one of our driving trips through New England, we stopped at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is located in Concord, MA, and was right along our route back to New York after leaving Boston.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is not related to The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, the short story by Washington Irving. The Sleepy Hollow in the story is in Tarrytown, NY. Interestingly, Washington Irving is buried here in the cemetery.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is Concord’s largest cemetery and has around 10,000 graves. It is located one block east of Monument Square, on Bedford Street.
One of the most popular spots to visit in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is called Authors Ridge. Authors Ridge contains the gravesites of Henry David Thoreau (1862), Nathaniel Hawthorne (1864), Ralph Waldo Emerson (1882), Louisa May Alcott (1888) and her father, Bronson Alcott (1888).
Some other notables that are buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery are:
Elizabeth Arden, Andrew Carnegie, Walter Chrysler, Washington Irving, William Rockefeller, Thomas J. Watson.