I have started to research sleeping bags for my trip to Camp Muir on Mt Rainier. From what I have have read, I want a sleeping bag rated for 10-20 degrees. I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods at lunch. They had a few differnet brands. The couple sleeping bags that seemed to fit my needs were the Marmot Aspen 20 for $80, and The North Face Aleutian BX for $79. There is also a Marmot Aspen Down 20 that is stuff with down for $140. But I don’t need down. Synthetic fill will be fine. All of these bags are rated for 20 degrees. I read a couple good reviews for The North Face Aleutian BX, but I couldn’t find any reviews of the Marmot Aspen 20.
I still want to check out Gander Mountain to see what they have.
I am leaning to regular size. I am about 6′ tall, maybe a touch over. But I think I can get waway with the regular sized sleeping bag as opposed to the long sleeping bag.

The bag is mainly for the overnight stay at Camp Muir, but I can probably use it for regular local camping as well. Mostly we do car-camping, and have cheap Coleman sleeping bags. But maybe I can convince my wife to do some backpacking, and camping.

I will continue to research sleeping bags as I am in no big hurry.