I was going to be travelling to Toronto to run a half marathon with a Canadian friend of mine. I asked her where she would staying, and she said she didn’t know. Her brother worked for some company where he could get discount rates at hotels. He was going to get her a cheap room. I asked if he could get me a cheap room too. It turned out could. We ended up getting a great deal on rooms right next to each other at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.
My wife and I arrived on Friday evening, and pulled up to the entrance. They had valet parking. I asked if they had a parking garage, and the guy said no, but that there was one across the street.
He also mentioned the valet parking was like $40, and the garage was like $20. Um…that was a no brainer. I parked in the garage. The garage is connected to the hotel by an under-street tunnel which makes it easy to go back and forth.
Our room was on the 11th floor. It was nice and clean and had a great view of the marathon start and finish area.
The hotel has a great 25 yard indoor/outdoor pool. I enjoyed swimming my laps in this pool. It started raining a little bit while I was swimming, and every time I went into the outside part, I would feel rain drops hitting my back. This was an interesting effect. There is also a fitness room with really nice gym quality equipment. But they charged for it’s use.
There is a small shopping area under the hotel which includes a food court.
The hotel doesn’t have WiFi, but does have wired internet connections in the rooms. But they charge for the internet access. I wasn’t able to locate any free WiFi connections in the area, at least not from our 11th floor room, and with my laptop. Maybe a lower room, or with a laptop that has a stronger antenna.
We very much enjoyed our stay at this hotel. I would love to stay here again next time we are in Toronto if we could get the same rate.
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is located at 123 Queen Street West • Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9. thier phone is (416) 361-1000.