After finding that all the hotels/motels in Shelburne were booked solid, or very expensive, we decided to stay at the local campground. We headed over there about 7:30pm, and found the office closed. Fortunately the sign said we could find an empty campsite and check in in the morning. They listed the empty spots on the sign on the door. We found an empty spot, and pull our car in. It was raining, and we hurriedly set up our tent.
When our tent was sent up, we headed off for food. When we got back it was dark. My wife went to bed, and I plugged the extension cord into the power hookup, and recharged my laptop while working on a couple blog posts. The brochure for the campground says they have wi-fi. My computer shows one network, but it looked like another computer. A few minutes later another connection appears. I connect and manage to upload m posts.
In the morning I head off to the bathrooms intending to take a shower. There are a couple shower stalls. I turn on the water, and it is cold. I turn the knob to both extremes, and get nothing but cold water. I am not sure which way is hot, so I leave it in the middle. The water says cold for the longest time, but eventually warms up a little. Just a little! I had it turned all the way to what seemed to be hot, and the water seemed warm coming out of the shower head. But by the time the fine streams of water hit my body, they seemed kind of cold. I washed my hair, and was suffering. I couldn’t find my soap in our bag, so I washed off as best as possible, and got dressed in the cold shower stall trying to keep my clothes from getting wet on the wet floor. I did get hot water at the sink though.
Back at the tent, I attempt to connect to the wi-fi, but am unable to get a connection this morning. Oh well.
We broke down our campsite, and loaded the car. Some of the other people staying at the campground look like permanent residents, maybe people down on their luck, paying the weekly rate. We check out at the office. I ask about the wi-fi, and he says that it is only good to about 50 feet from the office.
The campground is an older place, that could probably use some updating. The spaces are close together. But at least it was cheap.