We started our driving trip to New England today. We could have taken the Thruway (I-90) which would have been faster. But we opted to take scenic roads. We chose to drive along the Seaway Trail. The Seaway Trail travels near Lake Ontario. You would think with a name like The Seaway Trail you would be able to actually see the lake. But actually the lake is only visible during relatively short stretches.
We made our way through sleepy little towns. The speed limit is 55 mph for a lot of the way, but you will need to slow down to 45, 40, or even 30 in various speed zones. But we made good time.
Along the way there are many historical sites related to the War Of 1812. We weren’t interested in these though, so we would pass them by.
The worst part was traveling through Watertown, NY. There is a light at the exit of a mall that was way too short. It would only turn green for maybe 20-30 seconds, and only a small number cars would manage to get through the light. It took us at least 4 or 5 cycles to make it through the light.
Once we got passed the mall, we stopped for a bit to look in a used bookstore, and to stretch our legs. I didn’t find anything I was interested in, so we continued on our way.