I grew up about 10 miles south of Seatac airport. When I was young, I spent many Saturday afternoons at the airport just goofing around and exploring. We would spend time on the mezzanine level checking out the displays of confiscated weapons and drugs near the security office. There was one whole concourse that wasn’t being used, and we would slide down the smooth metal divider between the up and down escalators. We would explorer any hallways, unmarked doors and elevators. Once we found ourselves in the control tower when we took an unmarked elevator.
Now as an adult, I fly in and out of Seatac airport when ever I come to Seattle to visit my relatives. The airport has changed a lot of the years. Recently they changed the roads into the airport. It used to be one simple loop. Today as I wanted to return our rental car, I had to drive far more north and then come back down. They had a temporary entrance into the rental car return that was poorly marked and I saw it as it was too late to turn into it. I had to drive all the way around again to make it into the rental car return.
There are far more restaurants and stores in the airport than there were when I was a kid. But then that has been happening in most airports. Of course with all the security changes after 9/11, the airport landscape has changed. There is no way kids could have play in the airport now, like I did as a kid.
There were lines checking in at the ticket counter, but they moved at a reasonable pace. There was a line going through security, and that too moved reasonably.
My wife has the complaint that she went to buy a bottle of pop where she stood in line, only to have the store close as she got to the counter.
But overall it is a decent airport.