Q: Will I get seasick on a cruise ship?

A: Very unlikely. The concern I here most often about cruiseing is Will I get seasick on a cruise ship? I have been on four cruises, and have never even felt the slightess bit nauseous on a cruise ship. And I do get seasick on smallr boats. Almost everytime I have gone salmon fiching on the Pacific Ocean, I have gotten seasick. I went on a whale watch out of Boston, and was seriously blowing chunks. Better I have never even gotten slightest bit of seasickness on a cruise ship. I have never even seen anyone get seasick on a cruise ship. It is far more likely to get sick from a hangover on a cruiseship than from seasickness.
Why? The cruise ships are very big, so they don’t rock much. Then, they have large computerized stablizers that keep the cruise ship even more stable. Stablizers are like big fins that counteract the motion of the ocean to minimize rocking.
About the only bit of concern would be if you are one of the people who are hypersensitive to motion and get sick in cars, and on planes regularly. Then there is a chance that you might get seasick on a cruise ship. But then there are things you can try. I have tried dramamine, and it didn’t work for me, but it might work for you. I also bought a device called Relief Band. It looks like watch, and delivers small electronic pulses that supposedly keep you from getting seasick. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

I hope this addresses you concerns about seasickness on a cruise, and the question of will I get seasick on a cruise ship.