I needed to book a Scranton, PA hotel room for a night in October. My first stop was Orbitz. I found I could get a room at the Days Inn for about $62. That is including taxes and fees. It was a 2 star hotel. There were some other hotels that were priced at over $100 a night. But I just wanted some place decent, and cheap. I found rooms slightly cheaper if I was willing to stay outside of Scranton. But I wanted to stay closer in town.
I headed over the Hotwire.com to see what I could find. I found a 2 start hotel for $58. But when taxes and fees were added in, the price jumped to about $70. And I wouldn’t even know what hotel I was booking. Probably Days Inn, but maybe not.
I headed over to Priceline. They listed the Days Inn hotel at $66/night. And I am not sure if there would have been taxes and fees added to that price. But it was already more expensive than Orbitz.
I decided to try Priceline’s Name Your Own Price. I bid $30, which with taxes and fees came to about $40. My bid was not accepted. I checked out other areas, and found some areas with much more expensive 2 star hotels. I added one of those in figuring I wouldn’t likely get one of those), and upped my bid to $35. Again, my bid was not accepted. I upped my bid to $40, which with taxes and fees, came to a price of slightly over $50. I added in another area, and again my bid was not accepted. I set about to raise my bid yet again. I was going to try $45. But then I saw that with taxes and fees, Priceline had the total at $58 or $59. That was not much cheaper than the rate at Orbitz. And with Orbitz, I knew what hotel I was getting. With Priceline, I didn’t know. It was PROBABLY the same hotel, but maybe not. And there wasn’t even a guarantee that I would get the room for that price. I didn’t submit the $45 bid. I went back over to Orbitz and booked my Scranton PA hotel room for just over $62.
Maybe the Name Your Own Price feature works better for higher priced hotel rooms.