Flipping through the channels, I came upon a show called Scariest Places on Earth on the Family Channel. This show is so freaking hoaky. They send familys into some supposed haunted places. But it is so obvious that the places are set up. Things falling, and doors opening and closing and everything. It is so funny. Like at one point a guy is going to read a scroll from a box of scrolls. This is in a place that is hundreds of years old. Yeah, like the scrolls were just sort of left there and haven’t disintigrated. As soon as he goes to grab the scroll somethings falls and scares him. I was laughing when one guy saw a cradle rocking apparently on it’s own, and he gives a very cursory glance around the cradle and then starts saying stuff like he believed in spirits now because his scientific inspection revealed nothing. I would have been searching every inch of that cradle for fishing line, or push rods, etc. The cradle itself maybe have been a rigged prop. Again, this place was hundreds of years old. Why is there a cradle there? Why wasn’t it stolen? I did a Google search for information about the “Abbey of Lucedio” and found this description: “The marvellous medieval halls of the Abbey host guided tours, food tasting, breakfast, receptions, conventions, fashion parades, concerts, cultural events and exhibitions; some of the Abbey halls have been used as locations for television, cinema and advertising filming.” Sounds real scary. And I love Zelda Rubinstein, I really do. She was awesome in the Poltergeist movies, and other stuff I have seen her in. But her voice overs in this show are just funny. It is like they handed her a page of lines, and asked her to read them in a really scary voice.

I seem to be getting a lot of people searching for information about this show. They did release a video that contains episodes from the show:
Scariest Places on Earth

Scariest Places on Earth video

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