When I was a little kid living in Washington state, my dad would occasionally go off on weekend salmon fishing trips with a friend who had a boat. They would go out either to Ilwaco or Westport. I remember seeing all the salmon laid out on the lawn as they did production line cleaning.
When we got older, my dad took my brother and I out on a salmon fishing charter. There are lots of salmon fishing charters in both Ilwaco and Westport. We got up at ugly early in the morning, maybe 1 or 2am. We’d pack our stuff in the car, and drive off for either Ilwaco or Westport. It seemed that Ilwaco had bigger salmon, but Westport, you would catch more. We’d arrive at the port well before dawn. Often, we would arrived very early, so we would catch a nap in the car. There was always a nearby cafe where we would get a pre-dawn breakfast. Follwoing this, we would head off to find the boat that we had chartered on. There were always lots of salmon fishing charters out here, and lots of people going out on them.
The salmon fishing charters each seemed to have a captain, and a deck hand or two. Larger salmon fishing charters might even have more, but we tended to stick to the smaller salmon fishing charters.
When everyone was on board, we would get under way. The boats always went slow out of the harbor, then once they passed some set of buoys, they would open up the engines. The captains always had ideas where the fish would be. Some of the other salmon fishing charters would go to the spot where we were, and others would head off to who knows where. The captain would be listening to radio to pick up any info.
Eventually we would arrive out on the spot where the captain thought the salmon would be that day. They would have out rod and reel sets to each of the passengers. They would bait the hooks for us, or we could do it ourselves. As time went by, I began to prefer to do it myself. One tip is to wash your hands in the ocean water really well before handling the bait. Maybe this is superstition, but I believe in trying to keep as much human oriented smell of the bait as possible (people smell, motor oil, breakfast,etc). Let the bait smell like bait.
The captain would have a depth/fish finder. It would show a solid line where the bottom was, and also some lighter lines where there were schools of baitfish and salmon. We would put our lines in the the water, and pull line off our reels trying to measure out how deep we our going. Sometimes each person on the charter boat would go to a different depth to see which depth was working best. The baited hooks would be dragged down in the water by either a heavy weight, or by a little plastic wing that would put the bait downward as the boat moved in the water.
Then you would sit and wait and watch your line. It requires patience to sit and watch the line for long periods. You be watching for the tip of the rod to twitch downward, or for the line to suddenly go slack, or any movement of the line and rod that was different at all. When this happens, it means you might have a fish on. It could be that a fish is just playing with your bait. It could also mean they you have gotten tangled up with someone elses line, and maybe they have a salmon on. When you see the movement, you still need to be patient. You pick up your rod, and reel in a little line. If you feel weight on the other end, you set the hook by jerking the rod upwards. If you have a fish on, you alert the other people. Often they will reel in their line to get them out of the way. Sometimes, you might have a couple people with fish on at the same time, and the salmon are running this way and that way under the boat.
Hopefully you get the fish op to the sureface, and onto the boat. One of the deck hands will be there will a big net to help you boat the salmon. This can be tricky, and I have lost fish while actually trying to get them on the boat. Hopefully it is salmon. Besides king salmon, and silver salmon, I have also caught sharks, and mackerel. At least you get to have the fun of fighting the sharks or the mackerel.
When the ocean was rough, I have gotten sea sick. Having a full solid, and maybe slightly greasey breakfast seemed to help. I have not had good luck with dramamine. I bought a gadget called The Relief Band, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.
You will be out there for hours. The bathroom on the charter boat is called the “head”. This is always an experience.
After a bunch of hours out fishing, it is time to head back into shore. You may have caught fish or not. I have always been good at fishing, and I have usually had one of the better catches on the boat. But sometimes you get skunked. Thats why they call it “fishing” and not “catching”.
The charter boat crew will clean your salmon for you. On shore you might have the option of trading the salmon for canned salmon (for a nominal fee).
There are salmon fishing charters in Washington, Alaska, and on the Great Lakes. You can even take a fishing trip up into Canada where they fly you in to some secluded spot in a sea plane. Salmon fishing charters can be a lot of fun!

Here is one of my favorite salmon recipes (simple but good):
Baked Salmon

1/2 lb. salmon filet or steak per person
2 Tbsp. butter
1 Tbsp. lemon juice

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Melt butter in small cup, then mix in lemon juice. Place salmon in baking pan, and drizzle with butter/lemon juice. Bake for 25-30 minutes.