Imagine exploring Russia. Cruising up the Volga in Russia, or Dnieper River in the Ukraine to the Black Sea. Many of the Russian river cruises go from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Or from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don.
Visit cities like Kazan, and Volgograd. They stop at little Russian towns such as Uglich, Suzdal, Ryasan, Murom, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Kassimov, and Vladimir. The lengths of the river cruises vary with 11 or 15 days being common. The longer the cruise is, the longer you are likely to be able to spend in the different cities, and not feel so rushed.
River cruises are a lot different than cruising the Caribbean on the big cruise ships. River cruises are on smaller boats. The average age of the passengers is also older. The cabins tend to be a little smaller. Standard cabins on some of these ships are around only 90 square feet, or a mini-suite around 200 square feet. Entertainment is limited to local talent. You can also play cards, read, or watch the scenery. Much more sedate.
When in port, you can take an optional excursion. Excursions might include visits to Red Square, and the Kremlin in Moscow, or a visit to Catherine’s Palace St Petersburg. Or maybe the Czars’ Winter Palace.
English is the standard language on most of these Russian river cruise ships.
Food choices on these small ships is also much more limited. You might have a choice between a meat or a fish entree.