Fujifilm FinePix 3800 3MP Digital Camera w/ 6x Optical Zoom

SUMMARY: Great camera even after a couple years.

I bought this camera a year or two ago. I still love it. The batteries last a long time with flash, and longer without. With a 128mb XD card, I can take about 100 pics in the highest res, and best compression. I have printed pics out as 8x10s, and they look great, and would probably still look great printed larger. It does ALMOST everything I want to do. The only limitations I have found are when taking pics in subdued lighting, the image in the finder is too dark, and hard to compose the photo; the image looks great when actually taken though. Another thing is that when taking action (e.g. sports) shots indoors, without a flash, the pics tend to be motion-blurred. Another minor annoyance is that it seems to have a minor draw on the batteries when not in use, so that if you have put the camera down for a couple months, and then pull it out, the batteries are likely to be dead, or close to dead. Overall, it is a great camera if you can live within these minor limitations.
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