I read about people who once they retire are at a loss for what to do. They sit around waiting to die. I around so looking forward to retirement! I have been shoving money into my 401k retirement account, and into my Roth IRA account! When my retirement comes, I am planning on travelling! There is so much of the world I want to see! I would like visit all seven continents, and sail all the oceans. I want to climb Mt. Rainier! I want to cruise the Amazon, and maybe the Nile! I want to go to Okinawa and see where karate came from. I would to see China, and Japan also. Maybe travel all over Asia! I have never been to Europe. I would love to see Europe…except for France. I will skip over France! I would travel to Germany, Italy, and Spain! How about Russia! Russia could be cool! I want to go on cruises! Lots and lots of cruises! I have read that you can get some great deals on last minute travel as ships try to fill all the cabins. I can’t count on last minute travel deals like that while I have a 8-5 job. But when retirement comes, I will be right there! I want to have enough money and free time that I can look over at my wife and say “Hey, you wanna go on a cruise next week?”
I so much love to travel! So when my retirement comes, the word will be travel! Travel, travel, and more travel!