My wife stopped in Poulsbo yesteday on our way from Kingston down to Shelton. Poulsbo is a neat little town apparently with a good Norwegian population. They had a used bookstore (The Book Stop) that I wanted to visit, and they had a bead store (Imagine That…A Bead Store) that my wife wanted to visit. So I went into the bookstore, and my wife into the bead store. I found a book about the Boston Marathon that I bought, then headed over to the bead store where my found a bunch of beads that she bought.
Then we walked up and down the main street. There were a handfull of stores displaying items from local artists including jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and more. There were also several antique stores in town as well. But none of them seemed to be open while we were wandering around. One store posted a sign on the door saying they would be back at 11. But at 11:20, there was no one there.
There are also a couple candy stores in town, and a bunch of restaurants. But we didn’t visit any of these this trip. I know we ate some pretty good fish and chips last time we were in Poulsbo.
We looked around a bit more, and them climbed into the car to get on our way. We saw the antique store that was supposed to have opened at 11am was now open. But they were too late, and we headed out of town.