Just got back from seeing Poseidon. It was an interesting movie. I have always loved the original Poseidon Adventure. It was a such a classic disaster movie. And that it was on a cruise ship was all the better! Then about six months ago, they had a made-for-tv movie The Poseidon Adventure. Man, that movie sucked! But then I started seeing commercials for yet another Poseidon Adventure remake simply called Poseidon. And it would be in the theater! The previews looked cool.
The original Poseidon Adventure followed Peter Gallico’s book Poseidon Adventure much better. The this new Poseidon had great effects. The story was kind of thin, but it was more realistic. People died for no particular reason. I enjoyed the movie. But it won’t replace the original Poseidon Adventure. I kept expecting them to have an updated version of Morning After.