My wife and I visited Cozumel in 2004 as a port of call on our Carnival cruise ship. We had some friends that were staying there in a time share for a couple weeks during the same time we were going to be in port. So we made plans to hook up with them. Our ship docked early. I had brought my GPS and was going to try to hit a geocache that was placed close to the pier. I was about 10 feet from the geocache when my wife shouted, their they are. I looked up, and sure enough, there they were in their jeep, about half an hour early. Oh well, I would come back and get it later now that I knew where it was. OUr friends had rented a jeep, and we headed down to Chankanaab National Marine Park. We rented some snorkle equipment and got ready to go swimming. I climbed down some steps into water, and began to put my fins on. I felt something tapping me on the back of my foot. I thought it was a piece of debris in the lapping water, but I looked down and saw it was a small fish that apparently live under one of the steps. I stepped down farther away from him, and spent a while swimming around. I got to see amny colorful fish inclduing a baracuda. I kept my distance from the baracuda knowing they can be very nasty. After a while I was getting tired, and climbed out of the water. My pointed to my foot and said I was bleeding. I looked, and where the cute little fish had been tapping me were and five little U shaped bite marks.
We got dried off, rested for a while, then went and walked around the park looking at reproductions of Toltec, Maya and Aztec statues. I even had a little bit of tortilla freshly made by an old woman. We went and ate lunch in the park cafe. The salsa was so chunky and fresh. Very different than what I am used to.
Our friend’s then dropped us off in town to do some shopping, and we made plans to have dinner together. My wife and I spent hours exploring the shops along the water front. We bought several quart bottles of pure vanilla extract for about $10 each. We bought some jewelry as Christmas presents. We also bought hammock that I still have not hung up. One of these days I an going to hang it in our gazebo! Our friends came back, and we ate dinner. We had wonderful mexican food at a little restaurant tucked behind some stores. The food was excellent. Our friends now drove us back to the ship via back roads. There were signs of poverty only stones throw from the road. I wouldn’t have wanted to be walking along back there at night, but it was an interesting drive. By the time we got back to the pier, it was getting dark, and starting to rain. I never did get to find that geocache. And I got to within 10 easy feet! It was a fun visit. I would like to go back to Cozumel!