Most airports don’t have a lot to do. Most have some sources for food, some more than others. But once you have gotten your food, there is not much to do. You can wander around and look at various displays. Some have artwork, or sculptures. The airport in Knoxville has some cool lab created crystals to look at. But McCarran International Airport has something I have never seen at any other airport. Slot machines! So while you are waiting to board your flight, you can sit and play slot machines.
For some reason, I have come out ahead pretty much everytime I have played the airport machines. Normally I play the video poker machines. But on my recent trip to Vegas, as I was getting ready to fly out again, I first played Larry’s Lobster Mania. This is my wife’s favorite machine. So I played it in her honor. But I quickly lost $10. So I moved over to the video poker machines. I put a $20 bill, and started playing. I was down close to another $10, when I got four 3s. I now had $33 on this machine. So I cashed out, and finished up by $3. This was good compared to my previous weeks playing in Pahrump (I lost about $20 over the week). I took my $3 of winnings, and went and read my book.