We had so much fun digging for emeralds down in Hiddenite North Carolina, that we wanted to do something else. We live in New York state and have heard about the Herkimer diamond mines for years. First, Herkimer diamonds aren’t really diamonds, but are some really neat quartz crystals. The are already in crystal shape when you pull them out of the ground, and they can be water clear.
There are actually several mines in the area. The most well know is name Herkimer Diamond Mines. But there is also the Ace Of Diamond Mine and the Crystal Grove Diamond Mine. I had seen the Herkimer Diamond Mines and the Ace Of Diamond Mine on TV of Cash And Treasures. But I found great reviews of the Crystal Grove Diamond Mine on the web. They are all up in the same area, so have the same Herkimer diamonds.
My wife and I have a wedding anniversary coming up, and I thought a weekend trip might be a fun way to celebrate it. I talked to my wife and she thought it would be fun. I decided to go with the Crystal Grove Diamond Mine. I liked the reviews. They also have a campground. I reserved a cabin for a couple days.
I have also been researching tools. I rewatched the Cash And Treasures episode and have been reading web sites. I have a few tools that we can use already such as a seldge hammer, pick axe, small hand shovel, and garden claw. I bought a better digging shovel than what we already had. I figure I can use it around the house. Also I ordered a Estwing Gad Pry Bar which many web sites recommended.
Today at lunch, I stopped at Harbor Freight and bought a 45 inch crow bar. I figure it might come in handy. I am still looking at buying a crack hammer and a bull point chisel.
We already have some saftey glasses. I have a pair of work gloves, but we will probably want to get another pair for my wife. Chances are that I will be doing some heavy duty breaking, or trying to anyway, while my wife is digging through the dirt, or breaking smaller rocks. It’ll be fun!