I have visited The Pike Place Market many times. And each time is like the first time. It is a maze of little shops with a bunch levels, and I still get lost in there. The market is 100 years old. And it seems like there have been additions to the additions over the years.
There are many shops with things like antiques, used books, restaurants, posters, jewelry, and fresh fish. There was even a little shop filled with stuff for left handed people. On the street level there are venders selling fresh vegetables, jewelry, crafts, and many other things. Also located at the street level is the world famous Pike Place Fish Market where they throw fish. We didn’t get to see them throw fish this trip, but I am sure if we had waited around for a few minutes they would have been throwing some salmon or something.
Nearby the fish market is Marketspice. This place sells pretty much any spice you can think of. They also sell tea, and tea paraphernalia.
There is also another separate building with more little shops, and food places. I hadn’t been to these before, but we visited some of these shops today. We stopped at one little bakery and bought a cinnamon roll with chunks of apple baked into it. It was pretty good.
If you ever get to downtown, you should spend a little time at the Pike Place Market.