I have alway enjoyed seeing Penn and Teller on TV and in movies. I don’t like traditional magicians at all. But magicians that throw in humor and don’t take themselves too seriously such as Harry Anderson, The Amazing Jonathan, and of course Penn and Teller are different. I enjoy comedy/magic immensely. The first live show we saw them at, we were in the second row, and a couple years later, we saw them from the first row. HINT: the earlier you buy tickets, the better seats you are going to get.
I won’t say too much about the show, because I don’t want to ruin it. The show actually starts about an hour before the scheduled start time. All during this time, they are inviting you up onto the stage to examine two large boxes. One is made from wood, and the other from clear plastic. There is a guy playing jazz piano, and a guy playing upright bass. If you look closely, you will notice that the bass player is Penn. The piano player is always inviting people to come up on stage and examine the boxes. And he does it in a hilarious monotome way. You are not allowed however to climb into the boxes. The first time, I got up, and looked at the box, and knocked on it at various places, and sat down. But I kept looking at the box. I figured they were going to escape from them. I eventually got back up to take a closer look. This time, I flipped the box up onto it’s side, and was examining that sucker from all angles. After a while, I went and sat down. My wife told me later, that there were security guys waiting in the wings seeming to be concerned about what I was going to do to the box.
When the show actually begins, Teller is put into the box, and then escapes from it, though I will tell you how. The second time I saw their show, I knew how the escape worked, but I still couldn’t figure out how they opened the box. I am guessing Teller has some sort of tool to “unlock” the box.
I have seen some of the stuff in the show on TV, but it is still fun seeing it live. It was fun being in the front row. During one of the trick, my wife got to hold a rolled up paper, while Teller poured milk into it. She got to keep the paper as a souvenir.
They closed the show by firing guns at each other, and catching the bullets in their teeth. Being the front row, I was shown the gun with the bullet in it. I am still not sure exactly how they did it, but I have an idea.
After the show, Penn And Teller run through the crowd and up the stairs to the doors. At both shows I have seen, the waited outside the doors to sign autographs and talk to the people. I thought that was extremely cool of them! The last show I was at, The Amazing Randi, James Randi was in the audience. I got to talk to him also briefly after the show.
It was a great show. It should be noted to parents of young children that Penn does use some light profanity, but nothing too bad.