The Park Vista Resort Hotel is located up on a hill overlooking Gatlinburg, TN. The hotel is cylindrical with all of the room being on the outside. This also means every room has a balcony with a view. And not just a view, but a great view! Since all of the rooms are on the outside, the center of the hotal is open allowing you all the way down to the lobby.
The rooms are pretty basic with a couple double beds, a desk, dresser, night stand, bathroom, TV. The TV channels include HBO and Starz.
The hotel has a restaurant named Eleanor’s, and there is also room service. I had dinner in the restaurant, and the service was okay, but not great. I loved the caesar salad, but was disappointed by the rib-eye steak. The vegatables consisted on carrots and beans (I think lima beans), and were kind of bland.
Breakfast in the restaurant was much better. They had a buffet, and a chef will makes eggs and omelettes to order. Getting the check took a while all three times I ate there.
The rooms are equiped with dialup internet, but also wi-fi. I generally seem to get a decent wi-fi signal on the 9th floor, but it seems to fade sometimes.
The hotel has large conference rooms downstairs equiped with dividers.
There is also a pool area. There are two pools, and a hot tub. I never used the pools, but I spent some time in the hot tub. The pool area is indoors which is very nice.
The dividers can be closed to make the large rooms into smaller rooms.
One annoyance is that I cannot call home to Rochester, NY. The phones say to dial 8 + 1 + Area Code + Phone number. When I did this, I got a slow busy signal before I was done dialing the number. I called the desk, and they told me the instructions are old, and I need to dial a 9. I dialed 9+1+area code+phone number, and got a message saying that it was not necessary to dial the 1. I tried 9+area code+phone, and got a message saying the call couldn’t be completed. I went down to the desk, and they did not know what the problem was. I had the same problem last year at this hotel. Apparently they haven’t solved it. Their telecommunications people didn’t know what the problem was. One of the guys at the desk let me use his cell phone, and I called my wife, and had her call in to the room. She wass able to call me. I told anotehr desk guy about the problem as I was checking out. I think he was going to look into it. I guess I will see if the problem is fixed if I make back next year. My guess is their system doesn’t recognize the 585 area code. Our area code used to be 716, but they split it around 2002.