My dad lives in Pahrump, NV, so we get down there every few years. Pahrump is about an hour to the west of Las Vegas. Just take highway 160 west over the hills. It is a scenic drive.
For the most part Pahrump is much more sedate than Las Vegas. It seems to be largely populated by retirees, and snowbirds that come here to escape the cold winters of their northern states.
One thing that it is known for is it’s brothels. Brothels are illegal in Clark County where Las Vegas is, but Pahrump is just out side of the Clark County line in Nye County. On our first visit, I was looking in the phone book for book stores, and on the next page was brothels. That was something that I had never seen. The best known brothel is The Chicken Ranch. I found it interesting to have a picture taken in front of the Chicken Ranch sign. There is another brothel next door named Sheri’s Ranch. You can actually tour this brothel. Me, my brother, my father, and our wives all took the free tour of the brothel. If you do this, check out the Budweiser room, that apparently is sponsored by Budweiser, and has it’s walls cover with Budweiser stuff.
There are a handfull of casinos here which are all much more laid back than the ones in Vegas. The casino I like the best is Terribles, which has two locations. The casinos often have breakfast, lunch, dinner specials, so be sure to ask. You can also find coupons for 2 for 1 meals. If you sign up for the player’s club, you can get little coupon books.
Saddles West casino has a free comedy show. Comedians that you probably never heard of will try out their material here before going to do it in Vegas. What the hay, it is free.
One of the casinos had a bowling alley, but it burned down a few years ago. The rebuilt the casino, but hadn’t rebuilt the bowling alley yet. It was a fun place to go, and play some video poker while waiting for a lane to bowl some games for a pretty cheap price (not counting the losses at video poker).
A must visit is the Pahrump Valley Winery. This was at one point the only winery in Nevada, but I believe another winery was built somewhere in Nevda in the last few years. I don’t drink wine, but my wife enjoys it. And she really loves the wine they make here. Her favorites are the Symphony, and the Creme Sherry. The winery has free wine tastings. You can buy the wine here, along with various other cool stuff. They also have a restaurant but I haven’t eaten there. I hear it can be pricey. Before you buy the wine here, figure out what you want. Then check out the local Pahrump grocery store which carries some of the Pahrump Valley wines at a cheaper price than you can get at the winery. We usually bring back about a case or so. My dad will often bring back wine for us when they visit.
Another thing Pahrump is known for is Art Bell did his show from here. I never listened to his late night show, but I had heard about it. Lots of weird stuff about UFO’s and such. I don’t know where he lives though.
While not in Pahrump, it is only a short drive across the border into California. You can visit Death Valley.