When going on a trip I always seem to have plenty or time leading up to the trip. I usually only start packing a day or two before the trip. Sometimes even the day of the trip. It is too easy to forget to pack stuff. You might be thinking ahead of time that you need to remember to pack this item, or that item. But it sucks to be on your trip, and realize that you forgot the item that you had thought about. That is why I almost always make a list. Then as I am packing my bags, I check stuff off of the list.
Be sure to remember all the small stuff. If you bring an mp3 player, remember to bring batteries.
Especially don’t forget the irreplacible stuff. Don’t forget your medications, extra contacts, and backup glasses. Don’t forget your identification, passports, plane tickets, etc. How about emergency contact information!
There are so many things to remember, big and small. Just make a check list. And as you think of stuff write it down. Then as you pack, just check stuff off. You will be less likely to forget stuff.